Show and shine Tokyo … You wish you could have been here

Monday 14 October is a public holiday in Japan. More specifically it is Sports Day.

What does this mean for Tokyoites? Well it means both a day off work/school (at least for many) … And amazingly it also appears it means sports! This is so not Australia, where public holidays mean relaxing in ways quite unrelated to the reason for the holiday.

While out for my morning run (see running buddies post), I noticed a large marquee being set up in one of the bigger parks on the foreshore. On the way back, there were chairs set up, tracks marked out, a stage ready, BBQ areas and food vans were being readied for the day. I did not go back to see what was happening as I was occupied by other sports for my first Sports Day.

What was it that occupied me?

Let me give you a clue …

Subaru rally car

How about some of this action?

Tokyo motorsport festival.

I know a few people back home who would have loved to be here. Subaru Rally cars (with Japanese championship winners on hand to say hi and sign autographs), dakkar 4wds, MotoGP motorbikes, formula 1 cars, electric race cars and countless other motorised wonders. There was even the offer of FREE hot laps in a wide selection of fancy cars (kompressors, range rovers, bentleys, audis and the options go on). I have not yet developed a fascination with queuing for an necessarily long time, so I skipped the hot lap opportunity, but it looked like fun – I’d post some footage, but FAIL on my part. (many of you know that technology is not my forte!)

Instead, here are some other photo worthy things I saw.

Dani Pedrosa’s race bike. Visitors were even allowed to sit on the bike ;0)
And, no I didn’t.

Maybe a new bike for me? … This is the Suzuki 750 2014 model. I have always had a soft sport for Suzis….and there is no need to worry about right hand drive conversions.

Japanese rally car team

Like I said, there were heaps of drivers on hand to answer questions and have their photos taken. This is a couple of Japanese rally drivers, who recently raced … somewhere!


And this is their race car. Does anyone know the team?


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