Another beanie on the loose

I finished another crafty project over the new year break. But things have been so busy at school that I had not seen its recipient until yesterday.

But finally I succeeded in finding Tomomi, my Japanese friend, and was able to hand over the goods. She was very pleased – as this photo shows.

Penguin pose in beanie

Penguin pose in beanie

You might be wondering about the strange look on Tomomi’s face and the stance … Well, when Tomomi put the beanie our Korean lecturers said she looked like a cartoon penguin (Pororo) which is really famous on Korea.

What do you think? I am not so sure I see the similarity.

But I might have to make a yellow beanie with ear flaps for my Korean lecturer (as a payback for her comment).

Pororo - the little penguin

Pororo – the little penguin

I am really keen to watch a Pororo cartoon now.


Beanie #1 complete

A lazy sunny morning + fresh coffee + crochet hook + determination to finish!

Bold beanies

Bold beanies

The end result is this beanie, dutifully modelled by P. The eventual recipient has a much larger head than my pin-sized one, so I have been modifying the pattern to something that will fit on P’s head.

Here is the final product proudly being worn by its recipient – Rashid you look awesome in this!

Bespoke style fitting for a style-proud city like Tokyo

Bespoke style fitting for a style-proud city like Tokyo

Profile shot

Profile shot

Oh yeah and for a laugh – take a look at how big it is on my little pin head.

He he ... a selfie for you all

He he … a selfie for you all

Christmas craft

In preparation for the school Christmas/new year party,  I helped to decorate a Christmas tree as a centrepiece of our festivities.

We had tinsel, baubles, bells, ribbons and the tree was looking great. But there was no star. so I offered to make one for the top of the tree.

I got to crafting, and here is a pic of me in the middle of creating.

more pics of the tree and decorations to follow later.

Intense concentration ... It would have been so much faster with a sewing machine!

Intense concentration … It would have been so much faster with a sewing machine!

Styled by Loopy Lou

Now that the chilly weather has started in earnest, I am so grateful to the wonderful woollen fashions that my friend Emma made for me before I departed for Japan.

I held off breaking out the gloves for as long as I thought was reasonable, but in early December I simply decided it was time.

But we had a seriously chilly day a few days ago. P and I had decided to head out in the afternoon to get ourselves out of the apartment, and as we have both been a little unwell lately, we thought it best to rug up warmly against the weather. Take a look and decide for  yourselves if we succeeded.

Thankgoodnees for our fashion fairy good-mother Emma. I can’t bear to think of wearing dull black or brown woolies, as much of what I have seen in the shops has been. And I don’t leave the house now without my lovely warm gloves.

Thank you Emma

Thank you Emma

Em – these are a hit. Definitely a product for the concept store 😉

I got a parcel


Claudia let me know just how hard it was to see the broach in the original pic for this post. So I have dutifully taken a few more pics so that you can all see the beautiful reminder of my home city. I love it!



Me and my broach

Me and my broach

Wow 🙂 Super exciting. A parcel arrived in the post for me. Who could it be from?

From my buddies in Oz Emma, Jacqui and Carolyn. So nice to know that you are thinking of me, and way exciting to get a parcel at my new home in Japan.

Anyway, I collected it on the way to uni, so rather than traipse back upstairs to drop it off in the apartment, I decided to take the package with me as a surprise to open on the journey to school. (Okay, so some of you know me well enough to know that really going back upstairs was not even an option as I was already cutting it fine to make it to school on time for class – damn this travel!).

Well imagine my excitement as I sat on the train in my blissful little bubble of thought of my friends back home, and opened a parcel inspired by that very place. Inside the parcel, beautifully wrapped and packaged, was a broach in the shape of my home city – one that has been made to celebrate the Centenary of that city this year.

It is just beautiful and will remind me of home and my wonderful friends all year.

I hope you like it on as much as I do!

What was in my parcel!

What was in my parcel!

Wool adventures

I have been working up some wooly adventures here since my last trip to the crafty store. For a few weeks I was not sure what to do with my wooly gatherings, but then the weather turned cold …. beanies required :0)

So have set to work on two different beanies from a pattern that I found a a nifty little blig from down under – Jam made. It’s no Emma artwork, but it is nice to be producing something tangible.

Hope the recipients like them.

Woolly craft

Woolly craft

Tokyo does Christmas

Had a great night out with some of my uni colleagues on the weekend. It was the first chance that P  had to meet any of the other students, so it was great to spend time chatting and to have dinner out with them.

We had a real mix of students, both in terms of countries and area of study, but also in terms of time in Tokyo, and we even had several from other universities.

After our meal we took a walk around the area where there is a magnificent Christmas lights display. OMG – the Japanese might not celebrate Christmas, but they sure know how to do Christmas. Check out these pics that P took 😉

Tokyo does lights

Tokyo does lights

A first wintery Christmas

A first wintery Christmas

So happy that I do not have to forgo Christmas all together. With these lights, the Christmas night market that will be held at the shopping centre near uni, and the Christmas pudding that my Mum sent over with Paul …. it will still be Christmas for us. I might even try to get crafty and make us some decorations for the house. (I know that some of the other students would love to have decorations, so it might be something that I could do and share with them!)

Adding some colour to the apartment

This afternoon, I rewarded myself with an afternoon for exploring after finishing my first exam for school.And what better way to spend my afternoon, than with an explore of some of the crafty stores in Shinjuku. I know that others may be more interested in exploring the streets of Shinjuku and sampling the numerous bars until they found the izakawa they could. But not me, or at least not this time around.

Today I decided to use my afternoon to search for somethings to add some colour to the apartment. You’ve all see the pictures in one of my first posts. And while the place is spacious, I think most of you would agree it is not particularly homely or inviting. So I set out to see what I could find to ‘Shellify’ the place, and I had success. Unfortunately it was not amazing Japanese art, but some colour in the shape of pretty fabric is a start.

What do you think? Now to decide just what to do with it. Front runners are: throw for the bed, cushions for the couch, or just hemmed and hung on the wall. Any other suggestions from you?

Shopping at Yuzawaya in Shinjuku

Shopping from Yuzawaya in Shinjuku



Oh and Inspired by the awesomely crafty Emma, I also bought a few balls of yarn which I am planning to crochet – into either a bag, a small rug, or cushions. Thanks to the inspiration of the November 2013 issue of Better Homes and Gardens – which I just happened to put in my bag to bring to Japan with me.

Woollen craft

If this inspiration works, maybe I’ll have to put a request in for another crafty or cooking mag from Oz.